Moms Do Business Different


scale to six figures by doing the bare minimum with a sustainable strategy, sales psychology, and leadership.

build a sustainable business foundation and grow your business to consistent $5K+ months working less than 20 hours/week

Mama you

making more by doing less

Bare Minimum Business Strategy

I know you don’t have a ton of time and my business philosophy is rooted in that reality. The philosophy:

Learn how to do less and be and have more.

What this looks like is:

  • Create a profitable offer
  • Prioritize marketing strategies that bring in MVP/B (most valuable payers/buyers)
  • Increase your sales conversions and systems
  • Streamline your operations and delivery
  • Navigate the mind drama that keeps you in cycles that don’t serve you

Business shouldn’t be complex and it definitely doesn’t have to be overwhelming to be profitable. What you need is focus and to break up with the need to do “all-the-things.”


Moms do business different and that is your superpower.

Doing all the things and still not where you wanna be?

It's time to do things your way...

Mama – you have limited time and energy, living a life with limited money ain’t the vibe. 

You’re an expert at what you do BUT you feel like you’re on the world’s scariest rollercoaster with your income being all over the place and not having any consistency…

Consistent $5K months is exactly what you need in order to have some financial stability and more time freedom.

This is why I teach you how to create a profitable high ticket offer and then create a High Ticket Sales System so you know exactly how to make money (and create consistency). 

Are you ready to... 👇🏾

Truth moment

There's no one-size-fits-all when it comes to business...

That is why I’ve designed this program to allow you to Choose Your Own Path when it comes to support. 

But more importantly it is designed to give you an unique strategy within our framework so that you can create strategies that are sustainable to your business and lifestyle. 


Make more money and impact doing the bare minimum.


2-3 hours a day 5 days a week is more than enough time to reach $5K+ months


Yep! This is for service providers too!

I run TWO companies and work on average 12-16 hours/week! One company is a photography studio r=the other is coaching. At any given time I have a combined 30+ clients. 

I live this minimal viable business lifestyle because this. mama don’t have timeeeee to waste!

If you are working more (or around the clock) and not reaching consistent $5K months, then this program is for you.

What does sustainably scaling mean?

Collapsing the timeframe

To sustainably scale we are optimizing your systems, processes, and people involved in the growth of your business. This allows you to shorten (collapse) the amount of time it takes to reach your six figure (or multiple six figure) goals and live the lifestyle you always dreamed of. 

In this space we focus on simplifying your business so that you can grow rapidly without doing all the things.


This is for you mama (or mama en route)

Whether you’re a mama chasing babies or working a 9-5 while building your biz – you will gain the SKILLS and STRATEGY to make money in your service based/coaching business.

The focus in this space is for you to grow a business with simple and SUSTAINABLE processes while working through the mind drama that keeps you feeling stuck. You have access to unlimited coaching where we prioritize PERSONALIZED support because YOUR business is different and it’s time you get support that works for YOU so you can continue to execute and grow as a CEO.

We do business different over here and because of that you get a ton of customized support to give you that extra edge to succeed. I don’t let up.


The BecomingCEO Mastermind



This framework is designed to support CEOs holistically so you can reach consistent $5K+ months.


Building with littles

Time looks different as a mama and inside this program we focus on what it looks like to build during pregnancy, set the tone before the littles show up, and in different seasons when the kiddos need more attention.

Time management, goals, productivity, and capacity as a mom is just different and that’s why building a sustainable business is so central to your success.



Getting clear on your vision and values will set the tone for your overall business structure.

In this section we also get clear about your MVB (most valuable buyer aka ideal client) and how to find them and connect so that you can clean up your messaging and build trust.


Profitable SCHMONEY Offers

Once you know who you can serve and what they desire, you can then create a profitable offer that has them saying “take my SCHMONEY.”

Learn how to create and optimize a unique, signature, and profitable offer that serves your people well. 

You will have confidence in your pricing because it will be based on what you truly need to support your family and build the life you desire while also adding value to the world at large. Then you will fine-tune your messaging for the offer(s) so that you can sell it with ease. 


Execute Your High Ticket Sales System

This is broken into TWO sections! 

Part 1 – Strategy

  • Create your HTSS simple sales funnel 
  • Map out your visibility strategy
  • Use one of 3 frameworks to create your content strategy that will attract, nurture, and convert for you
  • Implement a lead generation strategy (you have multiple options for this)
  • Create your minimum viable strategy calendar so you know what you NEED to do to get results aka sales

Part 2 – Consistent Sales System – Make Offers!

  • Learn the 4 buyer types and how to sell to them
  • Sales Psychology Strategies to support you in selling your premium offers
  • How to navigate and close a sales conversation (sales call or in the dms/email)
  • How to increase your conversion rate and knowing your numbers so you know exactly how many sales conversations you need to have in order to reach your revenue goals

We are here to support you and as moms we all are different and need different levels of support which is why this program is designed to allow you to

Take What You Need...

Get as much support as you need in this season. I'm here to support you in whatever capacity you need.



($500/mo for 8 months) 

  • Lifetime access to the curriculum and future updates
  • Group Coaching calls each month (see calendar for details)
  • Unlimited Content and Material Reviews
  • Community to ask questions 24/7
  • 4 months of 1:1 coaching support. This looks like your choice of either:
    • unlimited Voxer access (Monday – Thursday from 10a ET-7p ET) OR
    • 1-75 min call/month OR
    • 2-30 min calls/month


Curriculum & Community


($350/mo for 6 months)

  • Lifetime access to the curriculum and future updates
  • (almost) Weekly group coaching calls each month (some months may have 3)
  • Unlimited Content and Material Reviews
  • Community to ask questions 24/7




($500/mo for 8 months) 

  • Lifetime access to the curriculum and future updates
  • (almost) Weekly group coaching calls each month (some months may have 3)
  • Unlimited Content and Material Reviews
  • Community to ask questions 24/7
  • 3 months of 1:1 coaching support. This looks like your choice of either:
    • unlimited Voxer access (Monday – Thursday from 10a ET-7p ET) OR
    • 1-75 min call/month OR
    • 2-30 min calls/month

I'm COMMITTED to seeing you make your investment back - my guarantee to you is that if you don't make your investment back - I'll KEEP coaching you ONE-ON-ONE until you do or I'll give you your money back. All you have to do is show me that you did the work! It's a win-win for you!

Here's what previous mastermind members have said:

Sisterhood. Sustainability. Strategy.


Signing up for this program from Kay was the key I needed to ignite all the untapped potential inside of me. You can have the best ideas in the world, but without a plan with actionable items, you will never achieve your goals. Kay makes that plan SIMPLE and walks you through every single thing you need to succeed. She will hold you accountable, so if you say you want to make 100K, she will push you to birth out the plan that is going to get you there. Thanks to Kay’s mastermind, I am on my way from a 10-15K/annual revenue to 100K+ in 2021. Don’t ask yourself can you afford this investment. Remind yourself that this investment has a return worth every penny if you show up and do what Kay is teaching you!

Alicia Lawrence, Content strategist of Sufficient success

I was able to sell my coaching offer at my highest price yet. I was also able to feel comfortable knowing my services are worth a higher price.


Next to the knowledge, the community we built. The ladies and I still meet and talk regularly, I hired one and I talk to them almost every day. They are legit my sisters and I wouldn’t have met them had it not been for the mastermind.




I’ve built (and am still growing) two businesses since 2017. I’m a photographer, CEO Coach, and High Ticket Sales Expert. 

It is my mission to support other busy mamas in simplifying their business so you can scale with ease and live a life of freedom and abundance. 


Frequently Asked Questions

This program is perfect for you if you are a mama who is a coach, service provider, or building a personal brand and you want consistent $5K-$20K months.

The core of this program is designed to get you to consistent $5K months and we have many students that have 5 figure months because of this program.

If you are actively scaling from $5K months to $10K months you can also consider either the mastermind or 1:1 coaching with BecomingCEO (you can inquire about those here on Instagram).

Otherwise this program is still good for you if you are actively growing and wanting to CONSISTENTLY make $5-20K/mo.

This is not remedial or basic information, it’s foundational and sustainable FOR MOMS.

This program is for you if you want to create, launch, grow, or scale your business online and with clarity and simplicity.

If you have any extra questions not answered here send me a DM on Instagram (@mrskayhillman

Yes boo!

The BecomingCEO Method is first and foremost a FRAMEWORK aka it’s a system that will help you problem solve and get to the next step/level in your business.

This experience is for ALL levels.

I’m all about meeting people where they are. Once you join, you will receive my client intake form where you’ll answer a bunch of questions so I can get to know you and your business intimately.

From there, I’ll be able to guide you to the best trainings and resources to help you win!

This is an intimate space. At most 12 women will be in the mastermind.

The most important thing to me is the culture and community of the group. I will not add people to the group who I don’t feel could genuinely be friends and supportive of others.

We are going to be spending a lot of time together sharing our lives and businesses and this space will be SAFE for everyone inside.

As much or as little as you would like. You have LIFETIME access to the curriculum and you get updates. 

I recommend popping into the group daily (for even 5 minutes) to plug into the energy of our community. 

The BCEO Method is here to support you as little or as much as you need.

I intentionally made the trainings inside this program 20 minutes or less because we all have hectic lives and the whole point is to TAKE ACTION. 

You can listen on the go.

I will say, the more time you spend – learning, asking questions, and implementing/executing what you have learned the better your results will be. Speaking of results….

HECK YES! But lemme dial it back. My mission is to help as many women as possible grow your business but the truth is that YOU have to show up and do the work.

You have to show up to our coaching calls and ask questions.

You have to engage in the group and ask for feedback.

You have to take some sort of action and implement the training and BCEO framework I provide.

I’m committed to you, but you have to be committed to yourself.

I’m going to create and give you everything I can to help you take action with ease but you still have to execute. I’ll give you the tools but you have to use them.

Here’s the thing.. I stand on the results of this program. You will make your investment back AND have consistent $5K months! If not, I’ll coach you 1:1 until you do OR give you your money backity back! Here’s my guarantee.

There is a zero cancellation policy. This is a place for women with integrity. I’m providing my end and I have a standard of bringing women into my space that fulfill their commitments.

That being said – I do have a refund policy that you can read here.

My promise is that you can get a refund if (after showing proof) you don’t receive the guarantee I’m promising.

Guarantee: make your investment back and/or make consistent $5K or I’ll coach you 1:1 until you do OR give you your money back. 

Pretty much daily! I will be in our exclusive community answering questions daily and I host the quarterly live calls as well as over 80% of the weekly calls. 

It is important to me that I am the one coaching on the calls; however, in the future I plan to bring in co-coaching that may host their own calls and provide their expert feedback in the online community portals.

Inside there will be a calendar of events for each month. Usually coaching calls fall on Tuesday’s or Thursday’s at 8PM ET and they are recorded and uploaded!

You can also ask questions in a question thread and those questions will be answered on the call with time stamps for you to listen later!

In Q4 2023 calls will be switched to Tuesday’s at both 1p ET and 8p ET – this way we can keep a consistent and easy schedule. (This is subject to change of course)

Ehhh! I try NOT to have them on calls BUT kids area ALWAYS welcome at office hours. So don’t skip a call just because you have the littles. 

The Tuesday calls are usually audio only so all you have to do is login BUT you never have to turn on your camera if you don’t want to. 

Truthfully the kids are usually all over me during the Tuesday call lol

In the Curriculum only track there is no 1:1 access.

In the Coaching Intensive you will have 1:1 access to me for 4 months.

During these 4 months you will have the option to choose between Voxer Access (only) or a monthly call. 

Neither is better than the other. I recommend voxer if you know you are short on time and sitting down for yet another call makes you gag.

I recommend doing the monthly call option if you prefer to sit down, check in, do some work, and leave with a plan for implementation. Calls are great if you don’t need a bunch of support and are excited to chat in the group.